Pro LT Duane Brown’s asking price by working out Brandon Albert

Pro LT Duane Brown’s selling price by working out Brandon Albert Might we trade though besides draft picks? Idk if I really feel losing anyone on our current roster, Particularly with the injuries we having. I really don have learned to feel about this one. We can either stick to recently injured and obviously subpar Rees, Attempt to test the waters with Tobin but that means more mix up for possibly no positive outcome or sacrifice draft picks and trade for Brown. Like I said I can think of anyone we could really trade without one leaving a hole. Ethan Pocic? He a backup center/guard for this team at this time and that basically all the Texans would pay for him, So if and when they wanted a 1st rounder for Brown, They probably still want a first rounder + Pocic for Brown and would only slide down if the Hawks syrupy the pot some more. But who else sweetens and? Shine? A 4th round pick who highlighted he probably shouldn be starting last year? Why ever would the Texans want our job? The Hawks will probably be selling low if they traded Ifedi and the league knows it, So he likely be worth only a small amount(And naturally Marcedes Lewis jersey, Moving him for Brown only improves the line a few details, Since they backfill to plug the hole Ifedi leaves, And also makes it great deal older).So if not the networkers then who? Every single other team in the league had the chance to sign Matt Tobin and every single other team in the league, Like the Texans, Who’ve been without Brown all season, Passed on. Luke Joeckel is widely considered one of the worst offensive line busts in a history of the league. We probably have to pay another team what sort of Texans paid off the Browns to take him. Trading Britt for him looks like a colossally terrible idea.It just not possible. Other teams have scouts and watch our games and have smart of where we stand. Even if those things weren almost always player for pick deals(Plus they are the vast, Vast majority almost daily), We just plain not going to get anything like the value we need from our own linemen in a trade like that.Quite possibly, This notion that we aren formulating our line is kind of garbage. Rediscovering the reassurance of Glow for a second, A 4th round pick for an offensive lineman most likely turn into a backup guy who maybe if you lucky winds up filling in and being an adequate starter for a season or two. Odhiambo not really tradeable while he hurt but even if he wasn a low 3rd round pick isn generally to be expected to do a whole hell of a lot either. Germaine Ifedi was just drafted and starts at RT. Britt is also performing to his draft level and maybe even a little above right now, Though it took him some three years to get it. Cable improved Sweezy perfectly into a multiyear deal elsewhere. Likewise Carp, Who frankly sort sucked while he was here, Got himself a big fat come across the Jets(And as an aside has seen no better over there than here). If you given 3rd and 4th and even lower round picks, It unsurprising that the line has issues. Bennett, Avril, And Clark are the spinning at the ends, And Bennett and Avril are hurt today. Nobody wants meters Smith. Tackle is already too thin look at sending Jarran Reed, And the Texans don really want a tackle so much as they need someone to replace Watt anyway.I sense that, Widely, You are likely very rarely see player for player trades in the NFL, Unusually midseason trades, Because extremely rare for 2 teams to have holes and(Another of holes) At similar belief positions. If the Duane Brown trade takes place, It probably is really because the Texans just want to wash their hands of him and will prefer future considerations over anything the Seahawks actually have(Npotentially, If they actually accept players, As these types of be younger guys, And they still want picks on top of the children).The Sheldon Richardson for Jermaine Kearse deal was a rare difference to that rule.And Avril says he might hang it up, But having been in a similar position I pretty sure it because he just freaking the fuck out of your injury. I know I was your first 3 weeks, Every morning I wake up and my arms may well numb, Or I sit not nicely and they go numb, And I be contemplating”Holy shit is this will be like this forever A.J. Bouye jersey, But then it was in short fine after a month, And I didn have any numb feeling again 5 6 weeks after the injury.I mean maybe he really ill-fated and damaged his nerve badly, But seeing that he isn paralyzed and didn break anything I think he be at 100% in 4 6 weeks(Which would reunite with him for the last 7 9 games of the season).Although no one knows, I pretty sure he made comments before about this being his last contract in the NFL and if you wanna retire young then soon after a nerve injury is a pretty good time to retire. While anyone rookies we picked up to bolster our defense have looked promising, Almost all the elite talent on the team is entering the final phases of their career I think our current window is closing at the same time.Jimmy Graham would be a superb weapon for Watson to have for the formative years of his career, And losing a lineman could at least be partially eased by Graham improved blocking skills. Which Seahawks, We gain a proven lineman to help bolster the left side of the queue. I a Texans fan and watching the initial few years with the offensive line we had gave me nightmares.Duane Brown was someone very few people knew about coming out of college and some of us were upset with the pick however he been nothing but a solid rock for our line.He a former TE who excels at both run and pass blocking and can be quite a quite guy who doesn make outrageous statements and does his job. On one hand while we get the most efficient tackles in the league that would help our OL immensely, On the other hand I feel we also lose a ton in the passing game what Jimmy can give us when Russ gets protection that we won be able to exchange. Company away JG, Open air Doug, Each and every WR/TE is a question mark for various reasons. We be a Prich injury away from relying a lot on a guy like McEvoy. It easy to view what JG could be for the team if a lot of”Only when”S were guaranteed, But they aren and there no sign that determines. Jimmy is a marvelous athlete, But for us it like having the best hammer money can buy when what you need is a screwdriver. I say leverage his value into something we can and in actual fact will use while the Super Bowl window for our elite but undeniably aging and expensive defense is still open.